Arnold Arboretum Director Ned Friedman presented "Four Tales of Plant Obsession in the Arnold Arboretum" to NESBA members.

Members were treated to the beautiful photos he takes of his favorite themes among the trees:
Looking closely at all aspects of trees opens one to the beauty easily missed by the casual observer.

1) Careful observation of winter buds,(frozen leaves) opens one to the unique ways nature has of protecting the new years growth.

2). Observing the architectural structure of trees allows one to see the big picture.

3) The red jewels of the new growth in conifer cones is beautiful and easily missed.

4) Rhododendrons and their viscin threads--pollen being released in pearly threads from a pore at the top of the anther is nature's way of insuring pollination.

Many of Ned Friedman's photos can be seen on the Arnold Arboretum's website in a searchable database:

NESBA members accepted into the MassAudubon Trailside Museum Exhibit

Three NESBA members will
have their work exhibited at the Blue Hills Trailside Museum, Milton, MA

"Water World"

May 20- July 23


Nancy Savage - her piece Swamp Milkweed will be exhibited at Blue Hills Trailside Museum, in Milton, MA

Nancy Bentivegna will have her work, Plymouth Gentian, displayed.

Emmi Kurosawa
will have two works exhibited.  Utricularia resupinata of Plymouth and

Utricularia gibba of Blue Hills

A feature article on NESBA member Linda Funk

NESBA members may be interested in a feature
article about my work that is in the May/June issue of Victoria Magazine.

Call for Entries-NESBA Members Juried Exhibit: RAW

NOTE:  The deadline has changed from May 15th to the 31st!

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To enter: and click "Calls for Entry" at the top, scroll down to RAW

Pop-up day With Elena Scherer

NESBA has initiated a series of Pop-Ups throughout the area.  These are informal gatherings of members to get together for comraderie, to work, and/or visit a botanical place or event. 

We had our first Pop Up today at the home of Elena Balmaseda-Scherer.
We painted, enjoyed lunch together, and painted some more, and ended with a group critique where we each shared our working techniques.

‘What a wonderful way to be introduced to NESBA. Elena was a wonderful hostess and facilitator of this Pop UP and I had a great time.” June Purpura, new member.

See Calendar of Pop-ups for more info

NESBA Sketchbook Technique Talk and Demo by Emily Passman

Emily believes sketchbooks are an important reference.  Each mark should inform the drawing and record information. Keep your eyes on the subject and draw what you see. Draw those things you want to draw attention to.


It was great fun to watch and lots of wonderful inspiration to just draw and a new way of looking at things. Emily was very generous with her time and stayed a little bit longer than an hour but it was a good time. I’m anxious to try out her ideas, it would be a wonderful exercise in not looking at your paper and focusing on what you see. -Rose Powers

Emily's talk was excellent and her demo was equally good. She is very personable and was able to explain what she was doing in her terms, but also how it might relate to botanical illustration. I really loved it and would love to take a class from her! -Nancy Savage

Emily's demonstration and talk about sketch booking was very illuminating
and interesting. She is an extremely enthusiastic and very talented teacher. She left the
group excited and interested in going out into the "great outdoors" whether
actually outside or in with a sketchbook and writing / drawing implements
and putting to paper what you see around you. -Robin Rosenthal

NESBA: Community Service Pop-Up: "Flower Power"

The NESBA Children's Hospital program was welcomed by both the hospital staff and participants well beyond our expectations. The kids and parents who came into our room started off shy or scared, but left smiling and happy. Well, more than happy, thrilled !!! The kids were excited and joyous when they left, as were adults. To bring some light into their lives made us all joyous too. We were told to prepare for 5 people, but all our art tables were filled.

Thank you to the following artists who sent in drawings: Jenny Hyde-Johnson, Bobbi Angell, Nancy Bentivegna, Deborah Cassady, Ellen Duarte, Doris Sheils, Beverly Duncan, and Kelly Radding. Your generosity was warmly welcomed and loved by all the participants. Not just one per artist, many. Thank you !!!

And to the teachers: Rose Powers, Jeanne Kunze, Beth Sanders, Nancy Bentivegna. You were strikingly supportive of each parent and child. To insure privacy, as we were asked by the hospital, we can't go into details, but please know that we were all greatly appreciated. And, all our teachers had a ball there.

Rose Powers will be taking over this committee, so please let her know if you want to join us next time; she will be adding to the kinds of events we do for our "POP UP Community Service". If you want to help her, please let her know.

Suellen Perold, Program Chair